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Soundscapes by Here With the Magic

Sep 15, 2022

Soundscapes: Disney Springs Marketplace


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Previously known as Downtown Disney and Disney Village before that, the expansion of this waterside retreat, now known as Disney Springs, has elevated the ambience of this premier shopping, dining, and entertainment district. Despite all the changes, the Disney Springs Marketplace area still retains the charm of its former persona.

With larger-than-life characters comprised entirely of Legos and enchanting twinkle lights dancing in the trees, this little corner of Disney Springs is a more intimate, whimsical setting; a celebration of that timeless Disney nostalgia and childlike excitement that we associate with the first few hours of vacation.

In every moment, that atmosphere is brought to life by a score of classic Disney songs, synthesized and arranged to set the scene and amplify the energy of this place. Complementing the music is the excited chatter and laughter of guests, chirping birds, and even the distant hum of lawnmowers. What you will here is, essentially, the soundtrack of a Disney summer. And I am excited to be able to share that with you now.