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Soundscapes by Here With the Magic

Aug 11, 2022

Soundscapes: Epcot's Italy Pavilion


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Inspired by the historic promenade known as the Piazza San Marco, the Italy Pavilion is an uncanny replica of Venice. Positioned in the heart of EPCOT’s World Showcase, the elegant stone archways of Doge’s Palace and the iconic Campanile are easily distinguishable amongst the pyramids and pagodas of the other represented nations. They are time-honored and steadfast, resilient as the people who call the Adriatic coastal city their home. They have known what it means to persevere, to greet each new day as an opportunity to celebrate life, and to find joy in the midst of their circumstances, whatever they might be.

And so it is through that lens that we explore this pavilion today, with all its colors and textures and intricate details. Everywhere we look, there are spaces that seem designed for quiet moments of reflection. Hidden alcoves and stairways to nowhere ignite our curiosity, while verandas climbing with vines inspire thoughts of Shakespearean romance. Fountains and porticos crowned with exquisite tiles and mythological statues speak through the intervening centuries. Here, every moment is a chance to engage in the rich and enduring culture that has made Italy the object of wanderlust for generations.

Italians are a people with a knack for taking something simple and creating something enchanting. Terraces and tables laden with handmade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and indulgent layers of tiramisu, are a mouthwatering tribute to this affinity. And every clink of a glass, twirl of a fork, and shout of “Saluti” is a swell of sound that lets us know we’re being welcomed into somewhere special, somewhere unforgettable.

Perhaps we’ll enjoy an affogato from the courtyard steps, while Sergio the masterful, miming juggler entertains us with another captivating performance. Then maybe we'll stroll along the Venetian canals, making our way from footbridge to footbridge, listening to the water lap against the gondolas, as the sun begins to set in the distance.

That’s the Magic of Italy - a slower, more intentional way of life. So be Here in the pervasive joy of this place. Discover it, get lost in it, let it fill you with music and laughter and something ridiculously delicious. Enjoy the Sweetness of Doing Nothing, in this wonderful and beautiful pavilion.