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Soundscapes by Here With the Magic

Sep 29, 2022

Soundscapes: Future World Grand Tour


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Today we take a stroll around Epcot’s Future World.

While Walt’s dream for Epcot was never fully — or even close to fully realized, it's still a remarkable tribute to his original ideals; his spirit of discovery, his fascination with the future and its endless possibilities, and the invitation to celebrate that future together.

And it happens to be my favorite Disney park. So I'm excited to have you come along with me for this first of two episodes where we explore and appreciate the Soundscapes of this wonderful place. Listen closely for the sounds of your own favorite areas. No on-attraction music will be featured in this episode, but I think you’ll be able to place the location of most of what you hear. If not, you can always check the show notes which include time-stamps for the various areas we wander through.

Now, Epcot is always evolving and, at the time of this recording, undergoing its biggest transformation. So, the Future World that you hear today is but a moment in time. And I’m thrilled to be able to share that moment with you right now. Welcome to Epcot.

2:30 Entrance Plaza
5:45 Passing under Spaceship Earth
7:25 The Seas Pavilion
9:45 Walking to The Land Pavilion
12:52 Awesome Planet
16:34 Soarin area
18:51 Leaving The Land Pavilion
19:40 Imagination Pavilion
25:13 Walking to Creations
26:10 Creations
31:22 Walking out of Creations / over to JAMMitors
33:20 Connections Cafe
39:00 Cosmic Rewind
42:32 Mission: Space
44:00 Test Track
46:22 Walking towards World Showcase