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Soundscapes by Here With the Magic

Jul 7, 2022

Soundscapes: Liberty Square


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Themed after revolutionary era colonial America, The Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square is a celebration of American patriotism and ideals. Settled along the Rivers of America, a moment of pause beneath the shade of the Liberty Tree is the perfect place to reflect on the significance of this space.

Looking out towards the Rivers of America, the steady churn of the Liberty Belle and her unmistakable whistle remind us of what it takes to breathe life into this American dream. Be resolute and bold. Be consistent and true. Neither this country nor Walt himself ever embarked on a new journey under the illusion that the path that lay ahead would be unencumbered or easy. We stumble, and we get up. We make mistakes, and we correct and learn from them. We reflect on our values and we keep moving forward…as a Nation, as a people, and as dreamers and doers of all ages and walks of life.

And so as you wander through the spaces that comprise this foray into the America of “Once Upon a Time,” listen for the sounds that echo through the centuries; the sounds that tell a story of victory and triumph, of failure and loss, of growth and the unwavering hope we have in tomorrow. America is not a fantasy; it’s no longer a new frontier. But nestled between those two lands, it is a space to find a moment to pause, a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come on our journey as a nation, and as individual people, and how much more there still is to learn and discover. Together.

And it’s in that frame of mind that we find joy, for wherever the path ahead might lead, we can always find our way back Here to this space where Magic is not so much marked by pixie dust as it is by a flag proudly waving in a warm summer breeze. Its broad stripes and bright stars are a beacon of hope, a promise of freedom, and an endeavor to create an even bolder and brighter tomorrow than the one we know today.

The American Dream…right Here With the Magic.
Welcome to Liberty Square.