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Soundscapes by Here With the Magic

Jun 23, 2022

Soundscapes: The Seas Pavilion


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Today we're immersing ourselves in the tranquility of EPCOT's The Seas with Nemo and Friends. I love everything about this space. Pausing outside to listen to the Pavilion's area music, the crashing of the Imagineered waves, the entertaining calls of "Mine Mine Mine!" And then there is the queue. A wonderful space in its own right, not to be missed. Here, we abandon the bright sunlight of the world above for the soothing depths of the sea. Within seconds, the boundless ocean seems to wrap us in a kind of peace that feels worlds away from our own. 

Everything glimmers in the blue semi-darkness, bathing us in an ethereal glow. Here, creatures of all shapes and sizes float along in their unhurried tranquility, each a unique part of a greater story - including little clownfish and ancient sea turtles, dancing anemones and galloping seahorses. 

I invite you to listen closely, not just to the gentle symphony that echoes the water’s movement, but to the joyful observations of those around us. Our fellow guests are as much the stars Here as the beloved characters we came to see. Hear their delight, their exclamations of excitement; the enamored adults who remain connected to their childlike wonder and imagination.

So come along with us and experience the true and lasting joy of this place.  Be Here in the Big, Blue World, where an ocean of childlike wonder and joy has been waiting for you. Just keep swimming.