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Soundscapes by Here With the Magic

Sep 14, 2021

Welcome to Soundscapes. I’m Jason Canapp with Here With The Magic.

In this podcast, I’ll transport you to locations inside and outside Disney parks; where joy can be ignited, sometimes unexpectedly, by settings that inspired scenes and experiences found in Disney spaces, or environments around the world that resonate with the spirit and nostalgia of our Happy Places.

Soundscapes is an immersive listening experience and we recommend using headphones and finding a quiet cozy space to relax and allow the Magic to envelop you.

Finding quiet moments of joy in the chaotic world around us is kind of our thing, and we hope it becomes your thing too. I am looking forward to taking this journey together.

You can also access hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel, including many formatted for virtual reality devices. Links are provided below!


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